Maple Bacon Latte

Heather Greene

Bacon is a staple of most Keto diets, but have you ever thought of putting in IN your morning coffee instead of alongside?

Not everyone has the time or craving for a big keto breakfast of bacon and eggs, so this Maple Bacon High-Fat Coffee Recipe gives you all the deliciousness of a full breakfast, in a mug!

Maple Bacon Flat Lay Recipe Image - Mug, Bacon, coffee beans, maple syrup

This keto version calls for a sugar free maple syrup substitute. Check out this comprehensive review of keto-friendly syrups from Perfect Keto. We love the ChocZero sugar-free Maple Syrup. Or of course you can go wild and create your own using this recipe for Sugar-Free Maple Syrup from Maya over at Wholesome Yum.

With three simple ingredients, you can blend up a rich, frothy, delicious, craving-busting Maple Bacon Latte. Happy sipping.