The Origins of Coffee Booster

Erik Greene

Coffee Booster Kitchen Island

I started grad school at the University of Minnesota in 2012, and was struggling to find a morning routine that worked for me. I’ve never been a breakfast guy, but I had a block of classes from 8-11:30 each morning, and by 10 am I was dying from hunger.  I needed something to help my stomach get through the mornings, so I started eating eggs & toast in the morning. It helped, but I still wasn’t able to wait until lunch each day.

My roommate at the time was in great shape, and he never seemed that preoccupied about his next meal. One day, over a few beers, he told me that he was eating over a pound of butter each week. I was shocked, as he was in pretty good shape, and it didn’t make sense to me how he could eat so “poorly” and still keep his energy up. He smiled, and simply responded,

“Most people don’t eat enough good fats.”

The next morning, he made me one of his morning drinks. He blended 2 Tbsp of butter into 12 oz of coffee, and told me to drink it. I thought it tasted gross, but choked it down and headed off to school. 

It was a complete game-changer. I didn’t think about food once all morning, and I still wasn’t hungry when my lunch break came. I remember looking at my watch, thinking “OK, if you want to eat before your 1:00 class, you need to get something now.” But I didn’t get anything.  I wasn’t hungry. I was shocked at how 200 calories got me through 6+ hours of the day without so much as an inclination of food.

I kept making the butter coffee mixture in the morning, and started looking for ways to improve the taste. After a couple months, I finally settled on a mixture of coconut oil, clarified butter, and cacao powder that didn’t ruin the taste of my morning coffee, but still had the desired effect on my productivity and focus. I began making samples for family members, and some friends, and eventually I decided it was something I could try to share with other people.

I’m so glad people are getting the same benefits from it that I am – it’s wonderful to think that these simple tweaks in dietary ingredients can make such a big impact on the productivity and focus for a day. Just a little more good fat really can make a big difference!