About Us

Our Mission: To help people take one small step in rebalancing their diet by adding delicious, natural fats to their morning coffee.

We are a friends-and-family run company based out of Minnesota. That's where we live, work, and produce every jar. We started out with Original Coffee Booster - three top quality, fat-oriented ingredients to make your coffee taste fantastic and keep you focused and energized for longer. We've grown a lot since getting started in 2014 - but our mission has never changed!

What we believe:

Healthy eating is about more than 'calories in, calories out.'

Proteins, carbs, and fats are processed differently by our bodies. Healthy eating is about so much more than how many calories you consume in a day. 

Most of us eat too much sugar as a percentage of daily calories.

The human body is not designed to consume sugars in the quantities that most people do today. With hidden sugars lurking in almost everything you can buy at the store - we have to take steps to curb sugar consumption.

Short chain fatty acids are an effective, long-lasting source of energy.

Our body’s metabolism is like a bonfire. Carbs are like dry leaves on the flames, they burn brightly and quickly, but they soon disappear. Quality fats are like oak logs, they take a little longer to get going, but last for a long time.

Simple, quality, real ingredients are worth it.

We believe the less processed, the better. We're obsessive about taste testing all of our flavors and sourcing only the best ingredients.

You'll recognize every ingredient on our label. Find out what goes into Coffee Booster. 


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