Ambassador Program

Coffee Booster Ambassador Program

As part of the Coffee Booster Ambassador program, you are eligible to receive a 10% commission on product sales that occur through
Your discount code will be good for users to receive free shipping (US addresses only) on their order from our website. If the order is international, they will receive 10% off their order (shipping costs excluded).
***international orders will receive their discount after the purchase.  They have to enter the code in the "notes to seller" box, and their discount will be taken after the sale is executed.  An example of which can be seen in this photo here.***
Purchases will only be considered as part of your commission if they enter your personalized discount code. This code will be confirmed to you via email after signup. There is no limit to the number of times your code can be used
The commission is calculated from the total purchase price of the products only, it does not include shipping.
Other discount codes will not be eligible for use in conjunction with your discount code.
Your commission will be paid at least 30 days after the sale is made. Any refunds or returns made during that time on those orders will void the commission for those related sales. The 30+ day window is to prevent any gaming of the commission system.
These bounties will be paid monthly, in bulk, on a date to be determined by the Coffee Booster team.
Any questions, please contact


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Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for joining our Affiliate Program. The terms of this agreement are subject to change without prior notice, but we will try to notify you of such changes in advance.

1. Applying for our Program

You can apply for our Affiliate Program by filling out the link at the bottom of this page. We reserve the right to decline or remove enrollment from our program at our discretion. As soon as your application is accepted, you can start sharing your affiliate link and earning affiliate commissions.

2. Commissions

Your affiliate code is created by the Coffee Booster team, and will be unique to you.
As you send traffic to our website via your affiliate link, you will receive credit for each purchase you send our way.
Each sale captured includes a related discount code, if applied. We can't track your sales, except through your code. As your referrals generate sales, you will earn affiliate commissions. Please contact our affiliate manager for the most up-to-date commission percentages.
Commissions are issued once a month, via Paypal, not before 30 days after the sale. This is to make sure that the customer doesn't return the product during our money-back period. We only make commission payments via PayPal.

3. Restrictions

a) Search Engine Marketing. We already run search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns on Google; therefore, we ask our affiliates not to run SEM campaigns for our products and services on Google.
To clarify the availability of campaigns on secondary search engines, please contact our affiliate manager.

4. Disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has endorsement rules in place for affiliate marketing. In short, they want you to disclose that you have a business relationship with us when you promote and post your link. You can read the full FTC rules about affiliate marketing here.
When posting or sharing your link, you should make it known to your readers and followers that you will receive compensation if they buy a product via your link. This declaration should be clear and conspicuous (and reiterated as needed). Again, you can read the FTC rules (and their quick FAQ) here.

5. Terminations

We can end this relationship at anytime, and so can you. This affiliate agreement has been designed to ensure the highest quality relationship between us. Hopefully we have demonstrated our obligations for you to become a highly prosperous ambassador.
By signing up, you are agreeing to the terms set forth in our Affiliate Program Agreement.