How do I make Coffee Booster?

Check out our “how to make” instructions here.

What are the ingredients in Coffee Booster?

Grass-fed ghee, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, and raw cacao powder.  More information on these ingredients and why we chose them can be found here.

Is Coffee Booster instant coffee?

No. Coffee booster is an additive to coffee, like cream or sugar. Its blend of healthy fats is designed to compliment and elongate the effects of a cup of coffee, while providing your body with a quality long-term source of energy in short chain fatty acids.

When’s the best time to drink Coffee Booster?

The best time is when you would normally drink a cup of coffee.  Many people start their day with a cup, and have one more in the afternoon as they feel they need it. It is very common for people who traditionally drink a lot of coffee to drink less after beginning to use Coffee Booster

Why am I not hungry for lunch?

Adding healthy fats to your diet causes you to suddenly have a sustained energy source that sugar doesn’t provide. After one of these cups, it’s very common that people aren’t hungry for lunch at first, or at least aren’t starving for lunch. You’ve taken your first step towards regulating your caloric intake.

How much Coffee Booster can I take per day?

You can take as much Coffee Booster as you want.  The recommended serving per cup of coffee is 1 Tbsp, but some people can take 3 or more in a single mug of coffee.  We recommend that you start slowly, and see how much CB your body feels comfortable with. It definitely makes a cup of coffee more filling!

The color of my jar has changed. What happened?

If the jar gets too hot, the ingredients will start to separate out. This is a perfectly normal occurrence with 
these natural ingredients. Give the warm jar a good shake (heat up a bit if necessary) and place in the fridge for a few hours.

I still have questions about your product.

Any further questions or concerns, direct them to info@coffeebooster.net