What’s in Coffee Booster?

Coffee Booster is three top quality, fat-oriented ingredients which make your coffee taste fantastic and keep you focused and energized for longer than ever. Coffee Booster is shelf stable (no refrigerator needed) so it can be used at home, the office, at Starbucks, or even in your car. Just add a scoop, blend, and enjoy!

Clarified butter, also known as “ghee”, is made by extracting the milk sugars & proteins from butter, leaving behind only the butter fat. CB only contains grass-fed cow butter. Ghee contains multiple different lengths of fatty acids, many of which have documented positive health benefits. Butyrate in particular has many well-documented benefits, including fat-burning, preserving insulin sensitivity, and suppressing tissue inflammation. 

The coconut oil we use is a “virgin pressing” of organic coconuts harvested in the Philippines. The coconut milk is left to sit for 24 hours, and the oil naturally separates from the water. This leads to more shorter-chain triglycerides in the oil, which make for easier digestion as well as easier blending. 

Besides taste, one of the major reasons why cacao powder is so fantastic is its high level of theobromine. Like caffeine, theobromine stimulates the heart, but it also relaxes smooth muscle tissue, dilates blood vessels, and improves your mood. Theobromine has been used for years to treat high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, and is one of the reasons cacao is considered a “superfood”. Theobromine’s effect peaks 2 hours after consumption, which is 60-75 minutes after caffeine’s peak. This delay in peak energy helps you maintain your energy throughout the day, and keeps you from rushing back to the coffee pot again and again.